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Custom IT training for your employees

For a fraction of the overall cost of the software installation, you can get custom online IT courses for your employees to ensure they have the right skills to perform their daily tasks more efficiently and with a higher level of job satisfaction.

Edutasia offers courses in a range of IT systems such as Microsoft Office and SAP and we can always create custom bundles for individual business needs.

If your business already has a learning management system, all our courses can be delivered as SCORM packages for easy implementation into your system. We have a lot of experience with SABA, Learning Arena, Moodle and Fronter. 


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Why Should You Invest in eLearning?

Martin Harboe Olesen Martin Harboe Olesen 2017-02-23 @ 12:01

Why should you invest in eLearning

Find out why you should invest in eLearning and see some of the benefits that this technology brings to our learning environment. Read more

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