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Realise the true value of your IT investment

Many companies are willing to invest large sums in software solutions but often times don’t have the same focus on ensuring that the employees have the right skills to use the programmes correctly and efficiently. Colleagues often train new employees, but it is a known fact that up to 20 % of the transferred knowledge is lost in the transfer and the risk of bad habits spreading across the company increases.

Imagine what would happen if you gave your employees access to online training in the software they use on a daily basis. You can increase the employee satisfaction, increased motivation, increased efficiency and in turn a better bottom line.

If your employees don’t have the right skills to use the programmes correctly, you only realise a fraction of the actual value of the software. For a fraction of the price of the software you can get access to high quality online IT training within Office and SAP. All courses are easily accessed online.

With a business solution, you provide your employees with high quality online training with the ultimate flexibility. The individual user can take the course at their own pace and use the contents as a reference book in their daily jobs. The pricing is based on the type of courses and number of users. Contact us today for more information.

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