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Benefits of e-learning

It is not easy to determine how to intervene training and competence development. Should it be e-learning? Traditional presence training? Or perhaps blended learning? There are advantages and disadvantages of all methods – we will get into the benefits of using e-learning for education and competence development of your employees.

  • E-learning is scalable

    If your business chooses to base your business’ competence development and training on e-learning, you have the opportunity to make specific progress with content that is specifically designed for your employee’s needs. This makes it much easier to scale up and down for the training activity in terms of exploiting periods where the business is not so busy.  

  • E-learning improves learner retention

    If you choose a more unstructured approach to competence development, for instance peer-to-peer training, you actually do not know what you are getting. Peer-to-peer training may be affected by soft parameters such as relationship, personal chemistry, and the employee may have a bad day. There are many parameters to take into account and it may ultimately mean that the parties cannot concentrate deeply enough to learn or teach which makes it difficult for learner retention.

    If your business choose good quality e-learning, you will avoid theses parameters. The employee can use e-learning as a reference tool after completing the course and take the course, when they want and where they want. These elements are a big contribution to learner retention. 

  • E-learning saves time and money

    Any HR employee knows the importance of competence development in order to make each employee more productive and efficient. However, training takes time.

    The exact same HR employee also know that transport, catering, accommodation as well as other expenses, is overturning budgets. In addition, you have to expect wages for the time spent in peer-to-peer training. We are talking about a minimum of two salaries – on for employee and one for the teacher.

    Training is not necessarily a one-time investment. Most businesses need to constantly retrain and competence development of employees, for instance, to become more efficient in a software. There is actually extremely good economy, because you will get the error rate down – contemporary with the employee becomes happier and more effective. It is paradoxical that businesses invest huge amount of money in software solutions, but not in training.  

    There is a lot of money to be saved by selecting a solution based on e-learning – and you will get an extra bonus added – you can afford to allocate the time it takes to train the employee to a satisfactory level. 

  • E-learning is flexible

    It makes no sense to offer courses that do not meet the employee’s learning style. However, it is simple enough to decide that you want a differentiated approach to competence development. What is worse is when you have to bring the decision into action!

    For the vast majority, the most flexible solution to base the business’ competence development is on structured e-learning that support different learning styles, and lets employees switch between theory text, interactive tasks, videos, and tests. Edutasia believe that every good quality e-learning must be supported by different learning styles in order to let the employee choose how to acquire knowledge – however, without comprising on the overall educational concept. If the employee needs peer-to-peer training or presence training, you can choose to supplement the e-learning with alternative methods. 

  • Other benefits of e-learning

    • It takes place in the employee’s pace.
    • The employee can use e-learning when the desire is to acquire knowledge and immerse themselves in the material.
    • Use it as a reference tools
    • Tests that allow you to customize the course to your needs and ensure that you have gained the desired new knowledge.
    • The employee can revise the material they do not understand without sacrificing the other participants’ time.
    • Different learning styles.
    • Updates and changes in the courses can be updated quickly and inexpensively.
    • Less cost – because you avoid paying for location, transport, catering and much more. 
  • Facts and stats e-learning english

    Still in doubt about e-learning?

    Below you can see an infographic about facts and statistics that reveal the strength of e-learning as well as a description. 

    Less time spent by the employee

    According to a study from IBM, learning through e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting. This is because it can be performed asynchronously and when the employee needs it and the workflow is not interrupted. It is important to not that time saving does not affect the quality of the learning – quite the reverse. 

    Improve retention rates

    Research Institute of America found out that e-learning increases the chance of retaining knowledge with 25-60% while learner retention of face-to-face training is very low: 8-10%. This is because employees with e-learning can have more control over the training process and be able to use it as a reference tool, when needed. 

    Learn more material without increasing the time spent

    After the implementation of a e-learning program, IBM found out, that participants learned almost 5 times more material without increasing the time spent on training. By teaching more material in a shorter amount of time, businesses are able to reduce the time employees spend on training – which gives the employees the opportunity to get back to work faster = lower costs. 

    Increased revenue

    42% of the asked businesses believe that e-learning has led to an increase in revenue.

    Increase productivity

    According to a study from IBM about their value of training, every dollar invested in online training resulted in $30 in productivity. This is largely because the employee are able to resume their work faster and use their skills immediately. 

    Increase in employee engagement

    Businesses can easily get increased engagement from employees by using e-learning technology. According to Molly Fletcher Company, businesses can achieve 18% increase in employee engagement among employees using e-learning.

    Businesses increase use of e-learning

    Businesses are increasing their use of e-learning regardless size. More than 41,7% of the Fortune 500 businesses (the 500 largest US companies measured by total revenue) is already using some form of technology for training of employees.

    Increase competitiveness

    According to data published by CertifyMe, 72% of businesses surveyed says that e-learning helps them increase their competitiveness, by giving them the opportunity to keep up with the changes in the market.

    Higher revenue per employee

    Revenue generated per employee are 26% higher for businesses that offer training through technology – including e-learning – as it makes it possible for businesses to train more often (almost 25% of all employees leave their jobs due to lack of development). 

    It is good for the environment

    E-learning is good for the environment. A study from Britain’s Open University showed that producing and delivering e-learning courses consume an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per students than conventional face-to-face courses. 

    Are you convinced?

    We have more than 20 years of experience in developing IT courses and e-learning, that works. We can offer courses in a wide range of systems, including SAP, Microsoft, IT certifications, language training, project management and much more.

    Regardless of whether your business has to find a training partner to the whole staff or you as an individual will enhance your skills and competencies, we have the right course or bundle for you. You can get our courses as single modules, in bundles or as a bespoke business solution. You can easily access the courses via either Edutasias LMS or your own system.

    Besides courses, we can also offer you to make course content to your courses in order to provide your employees with the best possible learning and knowledge retention.

    In addition, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution, we can offer you to make a course portal solution for your business, where it can be anything from authoring tool, Learning Management System, course administration, website or even a webshop. We will make sure that the solution is customized to your needs. 

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