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Edutasia's blog is for anyone who works with IT or have a particular interest in the field. We will share tons of news and new knowledge about SAP, Microsoft Office, Social Media and a wide range of other relevant topics. By following the blog, you will also gain access to free tips and tricks around the entire SAP and Microsoft Office portfolio and it is our aim that in time you will use our blog as a research tool to make your everyday life easier.

We look forward to knowledge sharing with you and encourage you to participate in the discussion in the comment field.

  • 6 Tips that every Scrum team should try


    Scum is one of the most adopted and globally recognized agile frameworks for product development, and companies in all industries around the world has certainly adopted this framework. Read about 6 tips that every Scrum Team should try. Read more

  • Why Should You Invest in eLearning?

    Why should you invest in eLearning

    Find out why you should invest in eLearning and see some of the benefits that this technology brings to our learning environment. Read more

  • 4 computer skills that will enhance your career

    4 computerfærdigheder der vil forbedre din karriere1

    Here you will get four computer skills that will help you develop your IT career – whether you are working with IT, graphics, communication and/or marketing. Read more

  • 5 benefits of e-learning

    E Learning

    E-learning, traditional presence training or blended learning? It is not always easy to determine how to intervene training and competency development. There are pros and cons with every aspect, and obviously, you cannot ignore the price has a meaning – here you will get five advantages of e-learning. Read more

  • What is SAP?


    Most of us have undoubtedly heard of SAP – maybe in connection with job search, in the media or in a third way - but how many do even know what SAP stands for? What type of companies using SAP? – And how to get to work with SAP? In this article, I will try to shed some light on these questions in order to prepare you for your next job, competency development or perhaps the possibility to engage in a conversation with you work colleagues. Read more

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