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4 computerfærdigheder der vil forbedre din karriere1

4 computer skills that will enhance your career

Here you will get four computer skills that will help you develop your IT career – whether you are working with IT, graphics, communication and/or marketing.

The technology is growing and gaining a greater impact on our daily life. As soon as there is a new technology, it only takes 5 minutes and a new technology replaced with another. Therefore, it is important for people working with IT every day to refresh and improve their skillset – even expand their horizons by learning new tricks. You can teach an old dog new tricks – believe or not. However, the problem is always lack of time. This problem can be solved by e-learning, and there are plenty of courses that can help you expand your IT skills online.

The following four skills will advance your career and the business’ online presence:

1. Image Editing and Graphic Design

When we take about IT, many people are focusing on coding – however, it will definitely not hurt your career to have a graphic background to compliment application and website construction. Graphic design is the creation of graphics and layouts that enhance the product. In addition, you use graphics design skills all the time when you are maintaining a website, publishing content as well as advertising. A graphical background will make you even more attractive and the company will gain much more.

If you want to expand your skills in all forms of graphical applications, you have plenty of opportunities.

You can take complete e-learning in Adobe Creative Cloud, where you will learn about all Adobe applications. It includes popular applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator as well as other applications in Adobe Creative Cloud. You will get knowledge about web development, animation and video editing that is very popular these days.

See an example from the course

2. Website Design and Coding

Virtually everyone who works with graphics and design can take things a step further by looking at website design. If you can work on website design, you can help shape your company’s website and be even more attractive. Design is not everything – without coding, an app or website will not be able to function properly - even though you have worked some magic with the graphics. That is why designers should think about adding coding to their skillset.

And there are plenty of opportunities in website design and coding.

You may want to take a Microsoft Developer certification in “Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3”, where you will get competencies in key features of HTML and CSS3, and how to use these features in order to create a simple HTML5 web application styled with CSS3. It may sound like gibberish for some – but try it.

3. Online Marketing

Online Marketing refers to the strategies used by companies to market themselves online. This includes websites, social media, AdWords and much more. To learn about all these options is a valuable for you. You may create great content – however, can you distribute it? With skills in online marketing, you can distribute your good content, rank your website, social media advertising etc.

In order to develop your online marketing skills, you can use Googles free online platform, The Digital Garage. You will learn about the possibilities online, search, ads and much more. It is definitely worth a look.The Digital Garage

If you want to challenge yourself, you can participate in Google Online Marketing Challenge running each year. There will be over 110,000 participants from 100 different countries.

4. App Development

Although it is important to have a presence on the internet, it is equally important to ensure that you company adapts to the mobile world. App Developers have to customize current online technologies and make them responsive to mobile and tablet.

How do you do that? You can learn how to. Perhaps a Microsoft Developer certification in “Windows Store Apps Using C#”, where you will learn how to design and develop applications with C#. You can also take a Microsoft Developer certification in “Windows Store Apps Using HTML5”, where you will learn to design and develop with HMTL5. Google is also offering training in app development for Android.

Learning a new set of skills can take time, but it can also be rewarding in so many ways. You will expand your skillset and make a better job – try to embrace learning.

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