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What is SAP?

Most of us have undoubtedly heard of SAP – maybe in connection with job search, in the media or in a third way - but how many do even know what SAP stands for? What type of companies using SAP? – And how to get to work with SAP? In this article, I will try to shed some light on these questions in order to prepare you for your next job, competency development or perhaps the possibility to engage in a conversation with you work colleagues.

Facts about SAP

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SAP is a giant German software company with headquarters in the German city of Walldorf, and has office locations in more than 130 countries, which will help you with sales and support. SAP stands in German for Systeme, Anwerdungen und Produkte. The company’s focus is on developing IT systems that generally are used to streamline, improve and systematize internal business processes. The product portfolio is developing continuously, and today, there is solutions available to around 25 industries. Common to all solutions is that they are often delivered half-finished in order to provide the company with the opportunity to customize the system and modules for specific needs.

For most popular SAP modules belongs SAP Purchasing (MM-PUR) , Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Financial Accounting (TFIN50 & TFIN52). In recent years, SAP has particularly focused on developing mobile apps that allows companies to use SAP’s systems in the cloud.

In terms of revenue, SAP has an annual revenue of €20.8 billion in FY2015, and is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. The massive size of SAP is expressed with over 78,230 employees in 130+ countries and over 310,000 customers in 190 countries. 87% of Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers and over 12,100 are SAP partner companies – therefore, taking a SAP course or certification will definitely increase your career options.

On a global scale, companies using SAP includes prominent brands like British American Tobacco, Adidas Group, Coca-Cola, KMD and Unilever. There are big differences in the ways companies use SAP. It can be anything from store optimization, operations and logistics in hospitals, billing and sales registration of a private company to comprehensive personnel management and HR solutions. Regardless, one thing is for sure: there are about as many different modules and ways of using SAP, as there are businesses – and it places a great demand on users.

How do I get to work with SAP?


There is a big difference in, whether you are dreaming of a job as a SAP Consultant/SAP Developer, or whether you need to work in a company that uses SAP. In the first case, it is a necessity that you possess expert knowledge, which is best achieved through one of SAP’s more comprehensive certification programs. However, should you work in a company using SAP, for example in a HR Department as an Account Manager in the Sales Department; you have to invest some time in targeted end-user training. Through various online SAP courses, you can achieve quite specific knowledge about the SAP modules, and thereby, be better at your daily tasks. The difference between the official certifications and end-user training is; end-user training is much easier, less costly and more hands on.

Whatever job you dream of, or already have – it is a necessity to have the right education or training if you need to work efficiently and professionally with SAP.

I really want to know more

Edutasia offers two online SAP modules, which all are targeted end-users working with SAP in everyday life. We will recommend you to start with SAP Basic Navigation, which will provide you with basic knowledge of the entire end-user interface in SAP. You do also have the opportunity to specialize yourself in SAP Purchasing, which is aimed at individuals who work with procurement in a company which uses SAP. Especially in a job search process, it is extremely important to be able to present documentation for completed courses. Therefore, you can after all finished SAP training print a personalized certificate with the official SAP logo, which you can use in the job search process .

Please contact us for more information or courses you really want to take.

You can see a demo from one of our SAP training courses in the video here:

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