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Why should you invest in eLearning

Why Should You Invest in eLearning?

Find out why you should invest in eLearning and see some of the benefits that this technology brings to our learning environment.

It is the 21st century… and the technology is constantly moving forward (almost everything can be done online) - however, it is not all people who have jumped on this bandwagon. On the one hand, there are people who do not do anything else than sitting in front of a laptop, and on the other hand, there are people who do not want to deal with this sort of thing; it is just not the way they do things.

So, whether it is fear for doing things like that or lack of confidence in modern technology - may be undecided.
However, why is so many reluctant to invest in eLearning? It might be lack of knowledge. The older people seem to have less confidence in modern technology because they have not grown up with it. The children in elementary school, universities etc. are accustomed to using technology during school. For instance, the iPad is a huge hit in elementary school in Denmark, and in business school, the computer used extensively.

Perhaps the solution is education in modern technology in order to see the benefits.

See benefits of eLearning in the video

How much do I need to invest in eLearning?

In relation to how much you will benefit from eLearning, it is a small investment. Your business will save a lot of time and make employees more efficient. Nevertheless, it all depends on the business’ needs. Does your business have a huge need for teaching many people different things? Then we can make an authoring tool to your business, where you can make your very own eLearning in an easy and engaging way. Conversely, Edutasia can also create customized eLearning for your business. If you have a great need for education, your business can also get your own Learning Management System (LMS), where all your employees can access courses and you can administrate access to courses within time specific periods. Conversely, your business can also get access to Edutasia LMS, if your business is not interested in having your own LMS.

There are many possibilities! Once a software developer said to me: “Everything is possible – you just say what I should do”. Please contact us and hear how we can help your business with training. You can read much more about our business solutions.

However, do not see any limitations – everything is possible.

Course -portal -solution

Confused? Please contact us!

How to use your eLearning software in full extent

There is a lot of work in training and education, whether it is class teaching or eLearning. In the classroom, the instructor should prepare test and have engaging training material. There will be used time on correcting and analyzing employee performance to find out the employees’ progress. You must also consider the best way your employees learn. Do they learn best by present training? Watch video or read theory? Alternatively, a combination of many different learning styles? There are many things to take into account in order to provide the best possible learning for your employees.

ELearning can be the solution to these questions! First, it is important that the eLearning material engage, as it requires self-discipline to participate in eLearning - however, it provides many other opportunities and benefits. To engage employees, it is important that the employees participates actively in the training and are stimulated in different ways. Edutasia eLearning support different learning styles, in which the employee both can read theory, see videos, make interactive tasks, and take a start and final test. This allows the employees to decide in which way they want to learn about specific topics. The start test is used to optimize the process in order to the employee does not consume unnecessary time on something the employee know in advance. The final test ensure that the employee understand the contents.

Learn more about our different learning styles.

Do you want to know whether the employee has gained anything from the eLearning? Then an Edutasia Competence Check will be the right thing for your business. Competence Check will help you to analyze employees and customize their training. In that way, you will definitely gain from your investment in eLearning. We live in a world where everything must be proven with numbers – and that is possible with a Competence Check.

Read more about Edutasia Competence Check.

Support from software developers

Software developers have not only come to this world in order to create new software – yes, it is their primary function, but they can help you with so much more. If you need any help, they are also there for you. If you do not know how a LMS works, how to access courses or any other problems, you are always welcome to contact us. Do you want something customized to your business? We strive to have a good dialogue in order to provide your business with the best experience and product.

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