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All companies use some sort of IT during a week - however, many forget that it requires training and education to become familiar with the many options and functions, that the program provide. Let your business reap the real benefits of your IT investment, and let Edutasia boost your employees’ skills set.

Increase efficiency and get satisfied employees

You have guaranteed invested heavily in IT systems that handle various processes in the company. However, have you thought about how much time each employee could safe, if the employee actually was trained to use the program efficiently? Get the answer in this short video on how you can reap the benefits of your investment and get more satisfied employees.

Invest in a competence boost

Have you considered investing in a competence boost for your employees? Do you want higher productivity at a low cost? If you invest in our courses, the main goal is that your employees have an effective workday with less hassle and small interruptions. Your employees will have more focus on the main subject/task and get the tools to solve them. Improved competence of your employees should result in improved productivity and performance in your business, contemporary with your employee gets an improved working environment in terms of less stress and course of a disease. We can improve different competences as required.

  • Competence boost

    Personal competencies

    Here we will like to offer courses that develop your employee’s personal skills with a focus on communication and management. It can cover courses for more than 100 different languages.

    Functional competencies

    The functional competencies are targeted towards people sitting in a specific function in your business that need a qualification in order to optimize work processes and acquire new knowledge. This could be different IT certifications from Microsoft or Cisco, SAP courses or project management methods.

    Basic competencies

    This is about optimizing your employee’s basic skills that they typically use in their everyday life and workflows. It could be courses in Word or Excel. 

    This is only a selection of courses we offer. I can see more courses in our course catalog or contact us for more details. Remember that we can also develop courses especially for your business in order to enhance your employee’s basic, functional and personal competencies.

  • Competence boost scheme2

    Implementation of competence boost

    If your business is going to implement a competence boost through our courses, there are various approaches.

    If you have an employee with great self-discipline, the employee has less need for support – therefore, the course will take place as pure e-learning. However, if your employee has less experience and a need for support, the course can be a mixture of presence and e-learning. All lessons will be tailored to your employees in order to get the most optimal learning.

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Competence check

Do you not believe in e-learning? So let us test your employees with a competence check. We can develop a customized training plan for your employees, so your business can make fully used of the employees’ potential and you will benefit from your IT investment.

  • Competence check illustration

    Example of a competence check with fictitious business

    A business with approximately 600 employees want a competence boost of all employees of the business, who on a daily basis uses the business IT system and programs. The business starts to test the employees’ existing skills through a competence check, where the business has defined objectives, level and programs measured. The competence check results in factual overviews of all the employees’ level – strengths and weaknesses – what they have mastered and where they should put in an effort.

    The employees are divided into two groups:

    1. A group of employees who have some sort of knowledge and experience with the programs, they are going through pure e-learning of the relevant programs. after completing the training, they will be tested again, and the business can compare results from the first competence check and see how they have improved. Moreover, the employees have continued access to the online courses, so they can use it as a reference tool in their daily work.

    2. Another group of employees need a little more support and explanation of the program, in order to do that, the business chose that the competence boost is implemented as a combination of presence training and e-learning. After completing the process, the employees will be tested and the results compared with the first competence check.

    Common to both groups is that they all have a basic need for knowledge of the basic and transversal functions in the business applications and systems, and they have been boosted their competences.

    The business HR department has used the competence check in connection with appraisal interviews which has resulted in increased job satisfaction as the daily IT frustrations has been significant minimized. In addition, the business is experiencing increased efficiencies of the employees – and in a low-cost way got the most out of their IT investment.

  • Illustration video Edutasia Competence Check


Your employees can take the courses at Edutasia at their own pace, wherever and whenever. With a start and final test, your employees are ensured a customized and individual competence boost. Everyone learns in different ways, and therefore, we offer different learning styles to ensure reflection and learning already during the course. Watch the video below to get an insight into our learning styles.

Customized your needs

All our online courses are offered in flexible bundles and prices everyone can afford.

  • Create the perfect bundle

    All businesses have different needs and challenges, and with Edutasia’s wide course catalog, you can always create exactly that bundle that fits your workday and employees.

    See our course catalog
  • How much does it cost?

    Basically, the price is calculated from the number of users and courses. The more users and courses, the lower cost per user. Contact us today to learn more about the prices we can offer your business.

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How do you get access to the courses?

When your business has decided to offer IT training to your employees, it is important that you can access the courses in a wat that fits into your existing strategy and IT infrastructure.

In connection with that – flexibility is a key word for us, and therefore, we offer several solutions.

    • Access the courses via own LMS

      If your business has its own SCORM- compatible Learning Management System (LMS), for instance, Learning Arena, SABA, Moodle or Fronter, we can deliver the courses as SCORM packages. The courses are available in SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

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    • Access via Edutasias online platform

      Use Edutasias Learning Management System as your own course portal.

      Each user will receive a personal login and can execute the courses whenever they want in the online platform.

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    • Create your own business academy

      Your business has the option to execute all courses from your very own customized version of Edutasia LMS.

      The solution gives your business a number of advantages.

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Edutasia courses

We offer courses in order to develop your business and give your employees a competence boost, which will help to provide greater efficiency and new knowledge for further development.

  • edutasia-e-learning-portefoelje

    Edutasia course catalog

    We can offer your business many different courses with Office, SAP, project management and IT certifications in Microsoft Developer, Cisco and CompTIA. For instance, you have 10 employees who would like to learn more about Office, and 7 employees that will learn more about SAP. We will find exactly the course and bundle that suits your business and employees.



    Edutasia courses
  • Edutasia – project management

    Edutasia cooperate with international suppliers of ready-made e-learning. We work with ILX Group, the world leader of project management e-learning, and Metier, Scandinavians largest provider of project management education.

    We can offer you the following courses for your business:

    • Information Technology Intrastructure Library (ITIL)
    • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) - Foundation and Practitioner
    • Porfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O)
    • Management of Risk (M_o_R)
    • Management of Value (MoV)
    • Management of Portfolios (MoP)
    • Project Management Professionel (PMP)
    • Software Testing (ISTQB) - Foundation and intermediate 
    • APMG International - Finance for Non-financial Managers
    • PRINCE2 - Foundation and Practitioner

    All courses can be completed with an online exam or used as internal training, depending on what your business wants. All courses can be implemented to be executed in your LMS or from Edutasia LMS – we do what suits your business best.

  • Mand uden ramme

    Language training

    Does your business need language training or does one of your employees travel a lot of travel to China and need to learn Mandarin or just learn basic Polish? In cooperation with EuroTalk, we offer language training in over 150 versions of languages.

    The courses divided into four levels depending on how good you are at the language, and how good you want to be. The four levels are as follows:

    Talk Now – You will get a broad knowledge of the language in question and will not be limited to only saying one sentence. You will learn about areas such as first words, food, colors, phrases, body, numbers, time, shopping and countries. It is not necessary to have a prior knowledge of the language at this level.

    Talk More – At this level, you learn how to talk business language, alphabet, came around, emergencies at the hotel, greet, leisure, restaurant talking, on the phone and shopping. You will learn how to recognize words, phrases and conversations in a variety of ways, and learn the right accent – you will learn to understand the language and making yourself intelligible.

    Talk the Talk – You will learn talk about topics such as school, work, home, hobbies and friends, e-mails, computer and technology, family, travel, sports, words and the world. You will practically learn to use the language in a modern and social context.

    Talk Business – No matter what industry you work in, you will learn how to make it there. You will learn about areas such as words, business, trade, buying and selling, on the phone, negotiations, business meetings, marketing, advertising and PR, Internet, e-commerce, communication, career, banking, finance, stock trading and accounting.

    Each language package contains a number of exercises. Exercises where you are listening, speaking, reading, playing mind games, etc. Some of the exercises require a microphone, so you can record what you say – and then you can compare it with speaker. There are 12 months access to all courses.

    You can mix courses between different languages – for instance, you can learn English on Mandarin or learn Ukrainian in Polish. See all the different help languages.

    Contact Edutasia for more information

Do your business want to get its own course portal?

We can help you make your very own course portal. Whether it is different subsystems or a comprehensive course portal solution, we will get it customized to your business needs. The subsystems are individually customized to course administrators, material developers, instructors, students and webmasters/marketers. Even though the various responsibilities are separated, the systems can cooperate simultaneously when needed.

  • The Different subsystems

    Item course manager

    Item Course Manager is course management system for administrators and planners. A course management system for your business may include the following:

    • Courses: create teams with start and end dates, attendance dates, locations and instructors, etc.
    • Users: you can create administrators, instructors and students. Associate instructors to suppliers and teams. Assign students to teams by creating registrations. 
    • Registrations: Assign students to one or more teams. Registrations can be created by administrators or by the students signing up on the website. 

    In addition, your business has the opportunity to add a myriad of other solutions to your course management system. It could involve protocols, assessments, billing, leads, suppliers, locations and automated e-mails – only the sky is the limit.

    Edutasia Author

    This is an author tool for the production of educational material. When the material is finish, you will create a packaging that comply with the SCORM standard. The packages can be implemented into any LMS that comply with the SCORM 1.2 standard. Each package consists of an unlimited number of HTML pages, which can contain text, images, video, links, etc. You can build the pages using a user-friendly editor that makes it easy to produce even advanced content.

  • Edutasia LMS

    Learning Management System (LMS) for execution of SCORM 1.2-compatible course packages. The system includes functionality for creating courses, users and administration of accesses to the courses within time specified periods: User A will have access to course B in the period from C to D.

    Edutasia LMS can be integrated with Item Course Manager, so you do not have to create the users in the LMS, but retrieve them directly from the Course Manager. The system logs all SCORM activity, which means the user’s use of the course material, test results, etc.

  • Website

    A website based on open source CMS Umbraco 7. The website can retrieve data from courses and teams from the Course Management System, and present them on the website. All data can be enriched in the website. For instance, the description of the courses are enriched with videos, course plans, documents for download, etc. Working on building the site is same user-friendly editor as Edutasia Author. In addition to pages with course registration, you can create an unlimited number of plain text pages and articles on the website. You can insert pictures, video, contact form, slideshows, galleries, downloadable files on all webpages.

    My page/home

    Password-protected sections on the website where respectively instructors and students can login. The instructor can see teams, uploads photos, links, discussion forums and many other things. It is possible for students to see their registrations, documents, courses, and webinars and view the contact data – plus whatever your business like.

    See an example of a comprehensive course portal solution

  • Course portal solution

    See example of In-house e-learning

  • In-house e-learning

    The above described subsystems and solutions are far from exhaustive – you can add any likeable feature you want to and assemble the subsystems as needed. It is possible to see examples of the subsystems in order for you to get an overview of what it is all about. Contact us for more information and get a solution customized to your business needs.

    Contact us for more information

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