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Adobe Graphic Design Course

Learn about all Adobe Creative Cloud applications

  • Adobe Graphic Design Course

    Learn about all Adobe Creative Cloud applications




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Do you want complete graphic e-learning and learn all about Adobes applications? With complete e-learning in Adobe Creative Cloud, you will come across all Adobe applications, whether it is InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver or any other application. You will come around the entire palette in order to master various graphical applications in Adobe.

Target group for e-learning in Adobe applications

The primary target group for this e-learning is people working with graphics, marketing and IT. The complete graphic course comes across a wide range of topics, such as movies, pictures, brochures, software etc. Therefore, the course designed for virtually everyone who would like to have complete knowledge of Adobes applications. In addition, the course is also interesting for businesses and employees in order to develop their skillset, the business’ graphic presence, and optimizing marketing and IT.

How the e-learning works

The course is mainly based on video content, where an instructor will introduce you to various aspects of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The instructor will illustrate in the video how the theory works in practice in order for you to get hands on understanding on how the individual applications works. If you not want to watch videos all the time, you also have the option of printing the theory and read. The course will have a clear overview of what the course contains and how far you have processed. Therefore, you can always return to where you left in case you want to proceed another day. Each part of the course contains various tests. While you are learning about Adobe applications, you can take different tests in order for you to see, whether you have understood of the topics.

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Read about the different parts of the course

Adobe Creative Cloud Logo (1)

Adobe CC Overview New Features

Do you already have experience in all Adobes applications and just want to see what is new? This part of the course will introduce you to new features such as design, web, and video tools in Adobe Creative Cloud. In addition, the course will also provide you with an overview of the new features in the Cloud. 

Adobe InDesign CC 2015In Design Logo

Adobe InDesign CC 2015 is a high-quality professional desktop publishing application, used by graphics, marketers, novices and other good people in order to create page layouts. InDesign is well integrated with Adobe’s two other flagship applications – Photoshop and Illustrator. InDesign is primarily used for small documents such as brochures, newsletters, or very large publications such as books and manuals.

This course will teach you:

  • Introduction to basic tools and features
  • Introduction to new features
  • The toolbars and tabs
  • Navigating and configuring workspaces
  • Applying color and stroke
  • Creating new documents
  • Working with guides and rulers
  • Objects tools
  • Advanced image editing techniques
  • Importing and exporting files
  • Editing tools and organizing techniques
  • Learn about basic design
  • Advanced page options and tools

Adobe Dreamweaver CCDreamweaver Logo

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a powerful web development application that can be used to develop single web pages or create and manage entire websites.

This course will teach you about:

  • Interface
  • Application extensibility
  • Creating documents
  • Basic coding
  • Functionality of its various panels
  • Browsers and HTML tags
  • Web design
  • Basic responsive design features
  • Editing features
  • Media and design

Adobe Flash Professional CCAdobe Flash Logo

Adobe Flash is a powerful multimedia and software development platform that is used to by animators, graphic designers, and developers. You can use the application to create animated movies and applications for a variety of uses, including for the web or for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

This course will teach you about:

  • Interface
  • Panels and tools
  • The stage
  • How to create new documents
  • Basic tools
  • Basic drawing
  • Advanced and transformation tools
  • Use of timeline and basics animation
  • Introduction to ActionScript, ActionScript syntax, and additional features

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015Illustrator Logo

Adobe Illustrator sets the standard for design and illustration, and primarily used by graphic designers to create artwork. Illustrator is very flexible and you can create designs that range from simple illustrations to complex designs such as logos and web banners, as well as brochures, ads, and posters.

This course will teach you about:

  • Working with toolbars
  • Tabs, palettes, and preferences
  • New features such as Creative Cloud Charts, Illustrator libraries, Stock Art, and Linked Assets
  • Creating new documents
  • Working with files
  • Using templates
  • Navigating
  • Configuring workspaces
  • Drawing tools
  • Basic and advanced text features
  • Tools in order to create shapes, erase, slice, and select
  • Working with Pen Tools and objects
  • Gradients and Bitmap Images
  • Advanced tools and effects

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015Photoshop Logo (1)

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is an advanced image and design editing application that you can use to all creative projects. Photoshop can help you improve your images, design of web and mobile applications, 3D graphics, videos etc.

This course will teach you about:

  • Navigational features such as toolbars, tabs, workspaces, and rules and guides
  • File types and color editing
  • Selection tools and techniques
  • Layers and type
  • Enhancement tools and technique
  • Cloning and editing
  • Paths and techniques

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015Premiere Pro Logo

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 is a professional video editing application that can be used to create videos of studio-quality – all from very short video clips like commercials to long videos like feature-length movies.

This part of the course will teach you about:

  • Interface and new features
  • Introduced to multiple panels
  • Add effects
  • Introduced to basic movie creation
  • Application extensibility

Adobe Edge Animate CCAdobe Animate Logo

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a powerful animation tool used to deliver interactivity and animation. Edge Animate CC can help web designers to create interactive HTML animations to web, and digital publishing etc.

This course will teach you about:

  • Overview of the user interface layout
  • The workspace and associated elements
  • Creating animations and using artwork
  • Importing artwork, text animation and typeface properties
  • Transitions, symbols, and synchronizing motion
  • Interactive compositions
  • Publishing compositions
  • Working with video and audio

Additional course content

And it will not stop there! The course will also introduce you to the fundamentals in other Adobe applications, including:

  • Adobe Reader X
  • Adobe AIR 3
  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro X1
  • Adobe Captivate 7
  • Adobe Captivate 8
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 13

See example from course

Complete overview of course content

  • Adobe Reader X
  • Adobe AIR 3
  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro X1
  • Adobe Captivate 7
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Flash Professional CC
  • Adobe CC Overview New Features
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • Adobe Captivate 8 Fundamentals
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015
  • Adobe Flash Professional CC 2015
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2015
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 13
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
  • Adobe Edge Animate CC

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