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Get familar with the basic functionalities in Excel

Do you still use a calculator when working with budgets? Excel is the equivalent to a very advanced calculator but at the same time very easy to use – if you have the right skills and knowledge to set everything up correctly.

Excel Basic 2013 takes you through all the basic functionalities in Excel 2013 and teaches you how to easily create simple worksheets and formulas. You will learn how to use the many functionalities and shortcuts and get new ideas on how to use Excel to facilitate everyday tasks.

Excel as e-learning

You have 12 months access to this course, which gives you the possibility to go back and refresh your memory and as your own personal reference tool. We recognize that individuals differ in the way they learn which is why all of our courses combine theory modules, videos, practical excercises and tests.

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate Excel’s user interface
  • Open and save projects
  • Insert and edit content
  • Create formulas with relative and absolute references
  • Format and edit worksheets
  • Use statistic and logical functions
  • Use, sort and filter tables
  • Insert images and diagrams in your worksheets
  • Print worksheets
  • Share and collaborate with others on projects online

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