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Basic Word course

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    Basic Word course

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Learn to master Word 2013 with e-learning

With this online Word 2013 course, you will learn all the basics of one of the world's most popular word processing software programmes. The course takes you through creating and formatting documents in Word and gives you the right skills to become a confident user of Word 2013.

The course includes a range of easy to understand videos, interactive exercises and theory modules so you can choose which learning style suits you. With the exercises you will be able to instantly try out your new knowledge and get hands on experience with creating and formatting documents in Word 2013. Some of the topics that are covered include; setting up document properties, protecting your documents, formatting text, using autotext, mailmerge and adding headers and footers to your documents. As an added bonus you will even learn how to publish and share your Word 2013 document online.

To ensure you get the learning results you are after, we have included a start and a final test to the course. The start test allows you to get a visual overview of your current Word 2013 skills and shows you exactly which part of the course you should focus on to gain new knowledge. The purpose of the final test is to show, whether you have gained the 

Once you have completed this Microsoft Word 2013 video tutorial, you will be familiar with the features most used on a day to day bases. You will be capable creating and formatting both simple and complex Word documents either for personal use, or in a professional environment.

Word as e-learning

You have 12 months access to this course, which gives you the possibility to go back and refresh your memory and as your own personal reference tool. We  different learning styles which is why all of our courses combine theory modules, videos, practical excercises and tests.

What am I going to learn from this course?

  • Navigate the Word 2013 user interface
  • Open and save documents
  • Mark, move and insert text
  • Text formatting
  • Use typographies
  • Print documents
  • Insert images and videos
  • Insert charts
  • Create and edit tables
  • Work with Word 2013 templates
  • Mail merge in Word 2013
  • Change user settings in Word 2013
  • Work with and share your Word 2013 documents in the cloud
  • Become a confident user of all the basic functionalities of Word 2013


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